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April 02 2017

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traditional x digital

almost everybody I draw ends up wearing Converse bc they’re the only shoe I can draw without a bazillion references but THEY ARE MURDER TO COLOUR WHY DO I DO THISSSS


instagram mua: shows a perfectly normal makeup tool

me: bitch dont do it

instagram mua: frowns, waves finger and throws it away


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“Truth or dare?”
“Order me a pizza.”


Haikyuu!! is simultaneously the best and worst thing for my heart. 8′D

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not the hero we needed but perhaps the one that we deserved

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hello everyone this is my new collection spring 2017

drew a bunch of stuff with a track pad or mouse and printed it on clothes and my friends all came over and we went to thrift stores to buy props and then we set up a make-shift photoshoot my storage room and took a bunch of pictures and had pizza and played board games after and it was fun

hope you enjoy

artist/director: omocat

photographer: scarecrowkid

models: rai, haku, wen





chickita birbnana



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Sweet, free printer

chaotic neutral



I always find it so funny when people bitch about ‘forced diversity’.

because, like, once you work retail you start to see just how different everybody is.

for example, the other day I greeted a woman I was ringing up and started asking her the usual questions we’re supposed to ask (if they have a rewards card, etc) and she made a gesture pointing to her ear and mouthed ‘I’m deaf’. 

and I was just like ‘Oh’, and so I skipped over the questions and just gave her a nice smile instead of the usual schpiel we’re supposed to give. she thanked me in sign language and smiled back before walking away.

and that’s just one tiny example. she was just one customer of hundreds that shift. that’s not even mentioning all the other types of people I ring in a day, of all ages, body sizes, races/skin colors, and gender expression.

it’s like…that’s how the world is. 

when people say having diversity in a fictional universe seems ‘false’ or ‘forced’, that says to me that they must exist in a very homogenous, sheltered environment. because even working for a company that has a rather disproportionately-high white middle-class customer demographic, I still see more diversity on any given day than I tend to ever see in books and movies and TV shows.

it’s just kind of laughable to me when people say a movie/book/franchise has “too much” diversity. because there’s no such thing.

When they say diversity is being ‘forced’ they are saying “It’s bad enough I have to tolerate your existence here in this world. I don’t want to have to ever think about you in a fictional one.”

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please don’t knock, the cat has the keys

So to visit them you must first catch their cat? That is some task for potential suitors in medieval epic poetry shit

Befriend. If the cat doesn’t like you, human inside probably won’t either.

Real life videogame level.


Befriend the cat who is the KEEPER OF THE KEYS

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Dressing up characters, that not so secret passion of mine. Today with free drink headcanons!

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A painting I did for my friend @draw-the-veil‘s birthday! Oops sorry I forgot to post this and also missed your birthday by a couple days now but I hand delivered it early so it’s fINE. I hope you had a great birthday and it was so good to see you! :,)

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i love this low poly pigeon 

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A little pencil and pen sketch from a while back #art #drawing #adrienagreste #miraculousladybug #mlb #artist #artwork #doodles #doodling #sketch #sketching #ellennart #illustration

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I’ll post a better pic tomorrow hopefully, but I’m really quite happy with how this turned out! She’s inspired by @simply_kenna on instagram


When your loved one is infodumping and you listen and ask questions because you love seeing them so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about something. 

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Use these sizes for Gifs & Edits, for the best display of your creations. (▰˘◡˘▰)

268 | 268   /   177 | 178 | 177   /   540  pixels

with a 2 mb file size limit for gifs. 

**updated feb. 23, 2017 : it’s now 3 mb for gifs. wheeee ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

Footnote 1: There are height limits too but they’re not as important since ppl don’t often make graphics in those sizes, but the 540 x 810 max for photo posts is the one that will come up the most. And so you know, the white little spaces (margins) between gifs are 4 pixels. 

Footnote 2: In the triple set, if you don’t use the 178 pixel width for the middle piece, it will be blurry. This is slightly new adjustment by Tumblr to compensate for the leftover pixel. 177 x 3 = 531 then + 8 for the margins = 539. 1 extra pixel. Phew math, hard. 

Footnote 3: About 24-30 frames usually can be stuffed into full width gifs, 30-70+ in double and triple gifs. I don’t recommend skipping frames, unless it’s really warranted. Skipping frames is gauche. 

Footnote 4: There are some stubborn graphic-makers who still stick with the old dimensions, (245/160/500). Largely this is to do with the lack of theme help from Tumblr to adjust to the new sizes they forced on us a couple years ago. However, Tumblr supports the gifs with the new sizes on the dash now, so it’s actually better to use the new sizes. - What happens within the dashboard is infinitely more important than on blog pages. The dash and tag pages are where the majority of notes come from. (ノ◕‿◕)ノ*:・゚✧・

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