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May 23 2018


What I appreciate about Nott and Caleb is that at some point Nott asked herself “how can I appear to be but a humble halfling or perhaps a little human girl” and the answer she came up with was “I wrap myself in bandages, I cover my face with the face of a broken porcelain doll” and Caleb presumably went “yeah that’s what halflings and children look like, partial mummy nightmare creatures” and then they both high fived about being so good at disguises




Dont @ me but if ur a white content creator u should probably examine your brown characters (especially the darker skinned ones) and see if u aren’t following a certain trend of making them all aggressive, violent, surly or otherwise outwardly angry

Honestly this comes insidiously in subtle ways I think

Are your brown characters always scowling in the art u draw? How about emotionless asians? Do u have white antagonistic characters that get to be cute or beautiful, while ur brown characters ONLY get to be confrontational?

one of my ex-friends once asked me and my sister (both of us being filipino) how to say rude or mean things in filipino for her character and never asked anything else about being filipino-american

May 22 2018

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playing dnd for the first time ever with @inktho and @ayoitselaine!

sketches of my tiefling rogue baru! he’s a clown from the traveling circus troupe and a greedy moron.



I’m fascinated by the fact that Phineas and Ferb is a show that actually exists
I can understand how someone could have come up with the idea of an animated show about stepbrothers trying to find cool ways to spend their summer vacation
And from there I can see how the characters of Candace, Isabella, Beauford, Baljeet, Jeremy, and Stacy came about
But at what godforsaken point in the thought process did someone go, “Hey, what if there’s an ongoing subplot about their pet who’s a secret agent trying to stop a German guy from channeling his anger towards his abusive parents into conquering the tri-state area?”

hes not german hes drusselsteinian check your Facts



if u don’t kiss ur cat on their tiny soft little forehead wtf are u even doing

Yelling at her for trying to eat plastic

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In improv class we had to come up with a kinda neutral statement for someone to respond to and one of the guys said to me “hey did you hear they’ve stopped making socks?” and I just lost it. That shit is so funny. Why would they just stop making socks. I wanna explore that world.


DM, while I’m in combat: “Give me a perception check.”

Me: “Uh, 14?”

DM: “Nevermind.”


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A fun and useful way to keep inventory!

We made a series of cards that contain all of the items from the equipment packs you start the game with (eg, when you pick warlock, you can choose from the scholar’s or dungeoneer’s pack) and little themed boxes for the items to be kept in!

It started because at the end of every session, I would hold all the treasure cards the DM had given to me with a paperclip on my stack of character sheets, and by the time the next session rolled around, everyone’s stuff was all over the pile. We’d have to sift through to figure out who owned what, so I made little boxes for everyone’s items, then started making item cards, and here we are!

They’re available as individual packs, or you can get the full set here!

There’s also a free download of the blank item card template here

!!! This is so great!!!!

@aiambia do you think this would help us not forget all the neat shit you give us?


New image from the Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts 3

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a useful flowchart made by yours truly

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I am going to print this out and plaster it everywhere I go

my heart just broke

Not gonna lie; I’m on the verge of tears right now.
Because this is what I see every night when I come into work. I work at a Jewish-run elder care non-profit. Even in the memory care unit, we’re seeing a rise in the residents’ anxiety levels, to the point where they’ve had to stop turning on the TV news stations (and these residents still love the news). Multiple residents are direct survivors of the Shoah; some barely escaped, and almost all of them lost family members in death camps. One resident was one of the children saved by the Kindertransport. Many other residents tell me stories of when they were kids, how their neighborhoods were destroyed and relocated and of the siblings and parents they no longer have. One newer resident was finally starting to settle in when Charlottesville happened. Even though we immediately changed the channel, she was shaken. She was inconsolable for hours. When I left for the night, she was still crying and refused to leave her room. Even now, weeks after the direct event, she still is wary to come to programs, fearing that if she is away from her room too long that her possessions and place will be stolen from her like they were in 1938. Even with dementia, even with Alzheimers, these residents remember what happened. They cannot forget their lost loved ones. They cannot forget the things stolen from them. They cannot forget, period.
Because this fight against Neo-Nazis isn’t just a theoretical thing. These groups know that people are forgetting about Shoah; they take great strength knowing that people from that generation are dying. When they regard WWII as a “dark cloud” hanging over the heads of this generation, it is not with a solemn regard, with they knowledge that we must not forget lest we repeat our mistakes. These White supremacists, these White Neo-Nazis, see Shoah remembrance as something they will gladly eradicate. When people gladly throw out the Nazi salute, chant the 14 words, or march under the banner of “hail victory,” they are two things and two things only – Nazi apologists and Nazi supporters.
Shoah survivors are not gone. They are still here. We need to stop ignoring that this normalization of Nazis marching in the street harms real people. It’s not just ideas. It’s not just “free speech”.
We cannot forget. We cannot forget. We cannot forget.

Remembering is not enough.
Sorrow is not enough.
They are in our midst again

We need to know how to stop them:
- https://socialistworker.org/2017/07/03/what-strategies-will-stop-the-far-right

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is this japanese mean girls

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the mighty nap



I want emo versions of idioms

Like, instead of ““you’re barking up the wrong tree” it’s “you’re panicking at the wrong disco”

You can lead a horse to Evanescence but you can’t bring him to life

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If you enjoy the cat loaves stickers, then you’ll enjoy the main artwork I contributed to the zine too! I can’t believe I haven’t posted this here yet!

Be on the look out in my shop come Monday 1/29/18 because I plan to restock prints of this. They sold out pretty quick the first time.  You can be able to receive email notifications from store by “Watching” it.

I found a stack of art from 2007 recently and like…honestly. So a fair amount of it wasn’t great but I drew so much that some of it was honestly better than what I draw now?

I wanna get back that carefree way of drawing, mannnn.

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