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A fun and useful way to keep inventory!

We made a series of cards that contain all of the items from the equipment packs you start the game with (eg, when you pick warlock, you can choose from the scholar’s or dungeoneer’s pack) and little themed boxes for the items to be kept in!

It started because at the end of every session, I would hold all the treasure cards the DM had given to me with a paperclip on my stack of character sheets, and by the time the next session rolled around, everyone’s stuff was all over the pile. We’d have to sift through to figure out who owned what, so I made little boxes for everyone’s items, then started making item cards, and here we are!

They’re available as individual packs, or you can get the full set here!

There’s also a free download of the blank item card template here

!!! This is so great!!!!

@aiambia do you think this would help us not forget all the neat shit you give us?

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